Business Services

Business Building Services. This service is for Business Owners who may or may NOT have bad credit but ARE looking to build Business Credit. This service is a interactive consulting based service, and will require one-on-one consulting with one of our Business Specialists. Our Small Business Solution includes the following items:

1) Correct ALL negative credit items in order to create Personally Guaranteed Business credit that does NOT show on on your credit report. MANY TIMES THIS IS NOT NEEDED IF YOUR CREDIT IS ALL READY GOOD- SKIP TO NEXT ITEM.

2) Complete Dunn & Brad Street Corporate credit program, which is considered “Non- Recourse credit”. Client can easily create 40k- 50k of Corporate credit in 4-5 month period of time. (This is NOT tied to your personal credit, so if you do have bad credit you can get started right away creating D&B Corporate Credit.

3) Entity Creation, Kaydem will create a Sole Proprietorship with a EIN for Business Credit Creation, this is essential when Building Business Credit, and does not interfere with the day-to-day operations of your current Entity.

4) Apply for 0% Business Credit Lines, after negative credit items are removed off  your credit report. Our usual approval amounts are in-between 50k-150k and can be replicated over again in batches. Call for details.