Get your FREE Annual Credit Report

Are you looking to clean up your credit, but are not sure of EXACTLY what is on your credit report? Kaydem will show you how to “pull” your own credit reports directly from the credit bureaus. Once, these reports have been pulled you will be able to determine what is on your report. Kaydem will help you determine what service best suits your needs, if you have any trouble reading the reports.

Note: DO NOT lose the login information and passwords that are created when going through the ‘annual credit report’ process. Please write down ALL “dispute numbers” and “confirmation numbers” as well.

To get your FREE Credit Report go to

1) Once you are on the below screen. Enter the STATE you live in, then click “Request Report”.

01 Annual - Front Page

2) Once you have Entered your state and clicked “Request Report” you will be brought to the below page. Enter all the information requested, noting that fields with a red star must be filled out.

02 Annual - Second Page

3) Once you have filled out all of your information correctly and clicked the “Continue button you will be brought to the below screen. Select all 3 bureaus and click the “next” button.

03 Annual - Third page- select bureaus

4) Once you have selected the 3 bureaus and clicked “Next” you will be brought to one of the 3 credit bureaus ‘Verification Website’ This  website will first verify your basic information such as your name and address.

5) Once you have clicked Next and gone to the nect screen, you will be asked multiple security questions to verify you are who you say you are. Once you have completed ALL of the verification questions, you will be given access to your credit reports.

04 Annual - Fourth page- back to annual

6) While you are at the first of the 3 Credit bureaus you will notice this bar at the top of the screen. Once you have gone into one of the 3 bureaus websites and pulled your report you can browse around and see what negative items are on your report.  When you are ready to go the the next bureau you need to click “return to Annual Credit Report” which will be at the very top of your screen. (See picture above)

7) Take the 3 reports, which basically are the user/pass information for the credit bureaus & the ‘dispute’ & ‘confirmation’ numbers. Then contact Kaydem, we will help you determine which services will best fit your situation.