How Kaydem Deletes Negative Credit Items

Deleting negative credit items off of your credit report on your own is not impossible. If you know what chain of tasks to perform, you could do it yourself! But if you are serious about removing negative credit items, there are specific strategies that must be followed to achieve quick results and not damage your credit further! The list of procedures is long and time-consuming, but not impossible to achieve; if you know who to contact, what department to call at what bureau, what internet site to dispute from, what confirmation number to put where, what documentation to send to what address and, a list of 14 other items you could complete the tasks on your own! (Don’t forget this must be repeated over again for more recent, stubborn items!) The task of deleting negative credit items can be extreme, to say the least, at best you could get frustrated with marginal results, at worse you could accidentally cause a bigger problem by establishing worse remarks on your credit report.Interview

The way it works. In order to put something on your credit report, your creditors must follow numerous laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Fair Billing Act (FBA), the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), and so one.

If a creditor fails to follow this law they are potentially liable for a major lawsuit. When a credit item is disputed the creditor in question must respond within 30 days to the dispute. If throughout disputing a negative item, the creditor does not respond quickly enough, the credit bureau deletes the negative item to stay compliant with the law. Additionally, when bad debt is sold many times banks simply sell electronic “data files” and do not have the original signature that you supposedly signed legalizing the contract. Thus if no signature can be produced, then these items by law should be deleted.

So what can we do for you? What Kaydem does is challenge these creditors via multiple dispute channels. We do this via the internet, mail, fax, and phone. When disputing a negative credit item with the right information that validates our legal claim per the FCRAthe credit bureau must delete the negative credit items or potentially face a lawsuit.

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It’s obvious that these companies don’t want to go to court because they are not reporting information correctly. The cost for them to delete the negative credit items from your report is negligible. When negative items are challenged via the right channels, with the right supporting documentation, the credit bureaus won’t ignore the dispute as it could potentially cost them thousands of dollars in court fees later.

Whether you actually missed a payment (loan, filed Bankruptcy, had a Civil Judgment put on your credit) isn’t an issue! What matters to the credit bureaus and Kaydem is whether or not the information was reported according to current law. If it wasn’t reported correctly then it must be removed.
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