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“I was skeptical that I could have negative items removed off of my credit report. Kaydem was able to remove 3 late payments off of my report. My scores are now over 750 with all 3 credit bureaus.”

-Kenneth G, Pittsburgh, PA


“Shelby and Megan have done a wonderful job repairing my credit over the last year. They are also repairing my wife’s credit. We didn’t think there was a company like Kaydem that could repair our credit with so much professionalism and determination. They really care about their clients and want them to succeed in repairing their credit back to good health. They are the best in the industry and we are looking forward to applying for our business line of credit through Credit Card Builders very soon. Thank you so much for all your help.”

-Jeffery B. Bowie, MD


“I really like the way you guys get the disputes out so fast. And you’re the most effective credit repair company I’ve seen, and I’ve dealt with 3 or 4 over the years.”

-Phil Wise, Florida


“I would be remiss if I did not put my experience with your employee, Shelby, in writing to you. Last August, I signed up with Credit Card Builders. A credit clean up through Kaydem was included in the package. So my first steady contact in securing business credit was actually working with Shelby and Kaydem. Rarely, if ever, have I received the kind of customer service she delivers: consistent and super clear communication, always on top of everything, with just the right amount of personal touch that makes me feel I must be one of only three clients on her desk – which I am pretty sure is NOT the case. After I signed up, I realized that I was really in no position to take on cleaning up my credit at that point -not because it was so daunting – but because our family had been hit with a number of deaths in the previous year and I was still reeling. Shelby had an amazing way of staying in touch throughout all this -even before she knew some of the justification behind my lack of communication and response. She always reached out at just the right intervals; never sounding corrective; always understanding of the circumstances, yet encouraging to take on the credit cleanup when I could – and then finally walking me through every step of dealing with the Kaydem website (which is really very easy and clear once I actually looked at it) – and ushering me into and through the process. It was a most unusual position for an Account Exec / Customer Service person to be in, but since a client’s credit is a little personal to begin with, it takes someone with the sensitivity, communication skills and finesse that Shelby has. It was much due to her spirit, encouragement and professional reassurance, that I took on the task I had assigned myself – and I am thrilled that we are moving through the process smoothly, making great progress.”

-Susan Dane susandane@gmail.com


“I was referred to Kaydem Credit Help from a business resource website; CreditCardBuilders.com, who is in the process of getting Business Credit for one my companies. I have gone through their program and received quite a large number of 0% Business Credit lines, however we were unable to apply for more 0% credit because of the amount of “Inquires” on my credit report. That is when my Credit Card Builders processor recommended I go to Kaydem to have them remove my credit inquires. I signed up with Kaydem on 9/01/09 as of this date (10/25/09) there is no longer any 2009 inquires on my credit report! I am ready to apply for more business credit and excited. Thanks Kaydem for doing your due diligence and using your expertise to remove my credit inquires.”

-Elly Wijaya, Torrance CA (310) 371-9596


“I could not be more pleased with my experience with Kaydem and this was due in large part to Shelby, who was always quick to respond and extremely informative when explaining the process along the way. She answered all of my questions to my satisfaction and ultimately she was able to help me clear my credit history in just a few short months. I would highly recommend Shelby and Kaydem Credit Help to anyone seeking assistance with credit repair. I will certainly refer anyone who needs credit assistance to Kaydem and thank you again for all of your help!”

-Charlie Rapp


“I was referred to Kaydem Credit Help by Credit Card Builders to get one stubborn derogatory entry off my credit report. I tried myself back in 2003 when it was first put on there with no success. I attempted again in May of 2009 without success so I decided to get help. I was hopeful and nervous because I wasn’t so sure anyone could get it removed and I was very pleasantly surprised when Kaydem Credit Help got the derogatory off my report, never to return again. My score with that bureau went from 659 to 740. I am so grateful and I would recommend Kaydem Credit Help to everyone.”

Elated, -LaWanda Davis, Atlanta, GA


“Thank you Kaydem for helping me get the credit that qualified me and my wife for our first home loan. It’s so awesome to own our own home, we didn’t think we could get approved with how bad our credit was!! We also have been approved for a new credit card. Many thanks from both of us for all your help!”

-Jonathan & Mary P, Charlotte, NC


“I was referred to Kaydem from www.CreditCardBuilders.com. About 5 months ago I was in the process of building business credit, but was unable to qualify for the 0% teaser rates on any Business Credit Card. Within three (3) months Kaydem was able to remove ALL of my late payments and medical charge offs. I now have over 92K of 0% Business Credit from Credit Card Builders and have 788 FICO scores thanks to Kaydem!! I appreciate what you have done for my credit rating and fully understand now why I need professional help with things that I do not do for a living! As a business owner, it is always a pleasure to work together with other reputable companies. Especially in the credit industry!!”

-Arnold Hartnett, of Sky Equity Investing Group, LLC, Miami FL


“Kaydem Credit Help removed 6 negative items off of my credit report, I had been disputing them for years with no luck. Thanks Kaydem for your expertise.”

-Tom S, Sacramento, CA


“We signed up for Kaydem Credit Helps complete credit restoration for two people about three months ago, we were told that it will likely take about six months for everything to be removed off our our credit reports. My husband has already had four of the five items removed off of his report, and I only have two of the five items, left on my report. Our scores have gone from 560 & 485 all the way up to 709 & 675. Thank you Kaydem for your diligence. We are still expecting more results, but are stunned with the good work so far. Keep it up!” -Jan & Rob Cartwright, Orlando, FL


“Kaydem removed all of the late payments off of my report within a three month time frame. I know I could have done this on my own, but I don’t have enough hours in the day and would of needed to research how to do it! Also, I’ve heard that if it’s not done right the first time, it can be next to impossible to get it off on the next round. Thanks for your help.” -Jennifer L, Chester, MD

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